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Doing everything online
Free solution for up to 20 GB of occupied disk space, complete solution: office automation, integrated Gmail reception, invoicing, cash-flow, CMS, public catalog, video channel: titling and subtitling, communicating through video, collaborative platform, CRM, ERP..

Your programs and applications from the most usual to the most professional gathered here


  • Creating pre-classified elements via the workbook/binders sections
  • Publication of Videos or Audiobooks with or without (sub) -titles, bilingual or monolingual
  • Website. Publish your pages under your domain name
  • Billing. Entering accounting entries and files attachment and printing
  • Print Email & SMS marketing with automatic follow-up
  • Create a one-click mailing list without duplicates.
  • Selective addition of recipients to a circular.
  • Printed letters or circulars addressed in two automatic layout (envelope window left or right)
  • Multimedia compression in one click for a fluid streaming (~ 20x lighter without loss of quality)
  • Injection of data or addresses. Backup all your data into two files to download.
  • Import of ready-to-use templates (letter paper or basic weblayout to be modified as needed)
  • Export addresses and edit quickly with Excell (.xml .json .xslx .csv) and your cards will be updated when you import the edited file
  • Multimedia cloud to relieve the internal memory of your mobile and feed your sites, catalogs and Memovideos
  • Catalog of read-only articles(cards) whose URL can be publicly shared


  • Agenda, Deadlines and appointments
  • Connexion of your Gmail Mailbox. Classify properly certains emails
  • Ranking records in one click in a category, workbook, section, share name..
  • Sharing of data between users
  • Automatic follow-up of circulars (paper, email, sms)
  • Planning by priority and sensitivity
  • Internet favorites or favorites of important elements of your database
  • Invoices to pay, cash flow
  • Dashboard gathering about twenty indicators including registrations to your website
  • Unsubscribe button included in the Newsletters sent by email
  • Multiple sorts and groupings

Your information clearly classified, centralized, secure and immediately found



Free Offer
    1. Free videos, images and files storage up to 20 Gigabytes
    2. Unlimited size of your database
    3. Unlimited contacts, subscribers, memos, e-mails, accounting entries, documents etc.,
    4. Serial email sending: Unlimited subscribers and up to 12'000 free shipments per month

Paid offer
    1. Beyond 20 Gigabytes, CHF 23.90.- per year and per 50 Gigabytes
    2. With a by IMS managed domain name additional CHF 120.- per year. Second and third mirrors domains are free
    3. Without domain name, in a subfolder of symbol.ch: unique cost of connection CHF 49.- and CHF 19.- per year

Premium offer
    1. Installation of a server dedicated to your company. Single cost from CHF 500.-
    2. Up to 100 users accounts CHF 8.80 per year and per account, over 100 accounts CHF 7.70 per year and per account, including maintenance.