Communications Languages Translations

  • Organize, manage Contacts, Emails, Notes, Calendar, Photos, Videos ..
  • Produce Circular Letters, electronic newsletters, invoices, Web pages ..
  • Store in your secure or shared cloud
  • Attach any file type to any type of card ..
  • Save the internal memory of your Phone by taking photos directly from your IMS ..
  • Learning languages with Memoman.
  • Produce language courses with MemoText.
  • Post videos with Mémovideo.
  • Bilingual Subtitles.
  • Memotexter with automatic suggestions of translations in 160 languages.
  • Share your personal Memovideos and be understood by those who can not speak your language.
  • Read, listen and understand by a synchronized captioning of the Spoken Word.
  • Create (bilingual) Karaoke videos.
  • From the vocabulary of the Memovideos.
  • Reaching a video sequence by keyword.
  • Continue reading from the searched word.
  • Listen or let listen to the pronunciation and show the translation.
  • View translations in five languages.
  • Find words by their roots and understand the etymology.


Printing your letters as well as learning languages, organizing your data as well as sharing videos.. is being done here directly and online.

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