IMS.SYMBOL.CH Integrated Management System, our latest innovation and your organizer and communicator that brings together all the functions of your company.


I have all my business there!

  • Calendar, Contacts, Mailbox, Tasks
  • Print & Email & SMS Marketing
  • Website under your domain name or integrated blog
  • Subscriptions to my website
  • Unsubscriptions of  my Newsletters
  • Invoicing, printing, export writes
  • Automatic layout of letters and adaptation of the header according to language
  • Organization by virtual binders
  • Cloud: Uploading large files
  • Sharing cards and related files between users
  • Read-only catalog, cataloged products or services, or any thought that you would like to share in public under such or such name
  • Injection of data by import .xlsx .csv .json and xml
  • Check the validity of email addresses & exclusion of duplicates
  • "Horizontal" and fast edition of the cards
  • Exporting a list, modifying it in Excel and then re-importing will update the list in your database
  • Local backup of your database

A dashboard informs you with about twenty indicators that make your database speak and help you decide. Your latest contacts, tasks, memos or favorites as your level 1 priorities ... Everything is integrated, from your inbox to your word processor ... Here you manage your website like all the other functions of your company. Everything is put together here, no need to look elsewhere. You can easily distribute the work to your employees and vice versa.

Option: Installation in the intranet of your company. Programming modules tailored to your website or your account under itself. Storage of more than 10 GB. Website

You may like to visit our first IMS managed websites: et and now this new home page

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